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Recital Management to Save You Time

As a studio owner, we know you wear 30 hats a day, let us take this one, we guarantee you'll be glad you did!

shOvation services hundreds of dance studios across the United States, Canada and UK. 

shOvation is the exclusive integrated ticketing system for Studio Director Software with optional integration features, preferred online ticket sales vendor of Discount Dance Supply and has been featured in Dance Teacher Magazine.

shOvation is the  recipient of the 2015 Phoenix Awards for Ticketing Companies.

Any organization can use shOvation to sell their tickets online.

In its 4th year of service, Phoenix based shOvation continues to differentiate itself from other online ticketing companies. shOvation offers an internet based ticketing service which leverages mobile, social and cloud technology to help event managers save time and sell more tickets. shOvation was founded by a small group of Phoenix/Scottsdale based entrepreneurs hailing from the telecom, information technology, performing arts, pharmaceutical sales, internet, and commercial real estate markets.

Our initial focus was providing online ticket, flower and DVD sales to dance studio owners. In fact, we are still very dedicated to the performing arts community. Our service has been used by studios in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. By 2012, we realized that our service was highly applicable to the educational, sporting and fund raising communities as well.

From our first hosted event in 2012 to the events we are currently hosting, shOvation is committed to several guiding principles: (1) strong customer service – we are here to help, (2) rock solid technology – so you can be confident, (3) timely and accurate reporting – so you can have a near real time understanding of your sales and attendees, & (4) reliable and quick settlements – so you can have financial flexibility. shOvation has extensive experience in setting up and managing events.

Please contact us today at 1-844-RECITAL (844-732-4825). We look forward to serving your online ticketing, merchandise sales and event hosting needs.see less


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How Do We Start?

Simply fill out our Tell Us About Your Event form. We will connect with you shortly to get more information to begin setting up your event such as your seat map as PDF or JPEG, this will be digitized for real time purchase. From there, we help you customize your pricing options such as section pricing, tiered pricing or one price for all seats.

Set purchase ability based on user profiles (example: member tuition paid before purchase blocking, VIP guests, class parents). We have the ability to limit a number of tickets per customer until a certain date or different access code options for purchase restrictions eliminating the need for you to spend valuable time organizing this regularly long and painful in-house process.

Unlike other ticket companies, we get you your money FAST! Once ticket sales start, we work out a payment schedule that best suits you with either automatic deposit or check mailed to you. Your final payment will be issued the day after your event concludes.

Studio Director software clients have the option to fully integrate their shOvation ticket sales with their studio management system. This helps you control what performances your clients can purchase tickets to or block purchases. Your personal Event Representative can help you set this up 1-844 RECITAL.

Fully Customized Events

Eliminate mistakes of selling the wrong seats or shows and  the need to sort tickets per show. shOvation customizes your studio's ticketing portal so customers always know they have reached your studio's tickets. You can set as many details as you need to identify each cast and set a picture to help differentiate.

  • Family and Friends can review the cast info to confirm, then they proceed to our interactive seat map where they click on the seats of their choice. Seats already sold are unavailable in real-time. Families then purchase their tickets with credit card and have the option to print them out at home or at the studio.

Your studio logo is printed on your tickets and a customized performance graphic is on your personalized event page. We set up merchandise sales for you for ease of purchase and reporting. At the time a guest is purchasing tickets online, they can add merchandise immediately to their order (Flowers, T-Shirts, Teddy Bears, Photos, etc).

Don’t miss out on other ticket sales opportunities for your fundraising events or other smaller shows throughout the year! At no cost to you, selling tickets with shOvation Online Tickets can only boost your revenue!

We can do it all, we know how much this experience means to your students and families. Our goal is to keep the ticket purchasing system personal to you but out of your to-do list.

What Does It Cost?

Ticket purchaser pays convenience fee plus cost of your ticket

We do all the credit card processing for you, batch and pay out with automatic deposit or you can request a paper check mailed to you. We accept all major credit cards. Credit card processing fees are 3% out of the total reconciliation of ticket sales; nothing comes out of pocket to you.

Example: $10,000 in ticket sales x 3% credit card processing fee= $300 to merchant account processing and $9,700 in ticket sales revenue to you.

An average studio, with two recital performances, will spend an estimated 60-80 hours designing, printing, sorting and selling recital tickets. shOvation system saves you the time and money of paying staff to organize all your in-studio ticket processes or coordinating volunteers to help. No need to pay for printing or other ticket creation charges.

We do all the set up for you to the very last detail. Before going live, the recital manager from your studio will verify all the information is correct and view the event before your tickets go on sale. Once tickets are live on sale, sit back and feel confident a HUGE recital management item is off your to-do list. You’ll wonder how you ever sold tickets without shOvation before!



Recital Management to Save You Time
shOvation is a robust ticketing software designed to serve ticketing for dance studio performances!



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Dance studios, theaters and other organizations are currently using shOvation to sell tickets for their events.



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